Anyone may apply, but preference in the rental process will be given to persons who:

  • Have a body of work as an artist ("artist" can mean artist, artisan, painter, sculptor, craftsperson, writer, graphic designer, computer artist, woodworker, musician, dancer, movement, theater, culinary, textile and fiber arts, or those who own a creative home business)

  • Earn low incomes as described in the HUD Handbook 4350.3. There are upward and downward adjusters for incomes below or close to the caps of:
    1 occupant must make less than $26,880
    2 occupants must make less than $30,720
    3 occupants must make less than $34,560
    4 occupants must make less than $38,340

Rents are determined by both choice of floor plan and artist's income.

Rent assistance is available for qualifying Native American artists through special funding from the International Sonoran Desert Alliance. Ajo is proud of being a multicultural town and the rich tri-cultural heritage of southwestern Arizona will be reflected in the Curley School artisan community.

Rental Application & Forms

Artists interested in renting should read the Management Plan and the Handbook for Curley School Residents before completing the application forms. Links to these documents can be found below.

  • Contact us today to get the latest update on availability Applications are reviewed by JL GRAY Property Management. Applications will continue to be accepted until we have a modest waiting list.

  • The application consists of an Application for Housing with an Authorization to Release Information form, an Artist/Artisan Application and a Photo ID.

  • Please mail your completed application packet to:
    Curley School Artisan Apartments
    Attn: Site Manager
    201 W Esperanza Avenue, Ajo, AZ 85321

  • Once your application has been received and accepted, a $30 screening fee will be required to process the application. Management will notify applicants when screening fees are due.

Please click below to download application forms in PDF format. If you would prefer to have forms mailed or faxed to you, please contact the Curley School Office at (520) 261-8468. 


Application for Housing
Artist Definition
Artist Application
Management Plan
Handbook for Curley School Residents

For information on affordable housing or fair housing compliance or to file a complaint, refer to:
Arizona Department of Housing
Southwest Fair Housing Council
Southern Arizona Legal Aid
Arizona Attorney General